About the E-Beira Update

As of early 2016, E-Beira is back with more modern software. The new site is similar in layout to the previous one, but there are considerable differences in the way it works, some subtle and some not. Below are some of the key points that might affect your experience with the site.

General points

  • If you are a registered user of E-Beira, your login details should continue to work as before. However, you need to log in to the new site as soon as possible in order to keep your password; any user who does not log in once in the upcoming month or so will need to request a new password.
  • Your concelho (location), as registered on the old site, is no longer in use. Instead we have a nice modern mapping system (part of your user profile) that allows you to place a pointer on the map to indicate where you are. Indicating your location is useful, perhaps even essential, if you are placing ads – because users like to know how far they will have to travel to pick up purchases, etc. So I encourage you to put a pointer on the map – but also advise pointing to a nearby point such as a village centre or a road junction so as to avoid privacy issues. Other users of the site will be able to see the map pointer you provide.
  • Portuguese support is more limited than before. I hope we can improve this over the coming weeks.

Classified Ads

  • If you have ads on the site that were posted within the past three months, they will remain. All older ads (which should have expired anyway, in most cases) have been deleted. All ads transferred to the new site will now have the standard expiry of 30 days. (They will expire around March 25th 2016.) You should receive an email in advance of each ad expiring, and unlike the old site you will still have access to expired ads for a certain period after they expire.
  • Responding to ads is now much easier – logged-in users can send a reply directly from the ad page. Just scroll to the bottom of an ad and fill in the email form!


  • The events calendar is more flexible. You can now post your own events. You can put up events that repeat weekly or monthly, but they will not go out in the weekly email.


  • Like, share, and send email! There are new buttons on many pages, including ads and events, that allow you to share them with others on Facebook or by Email. You can also do a Facebook 'Like'. Go ahead and spread the word about E-Beira – the more the ads and events are shared, the more people will see them!



Take off your "ad blocker" and the pictures are all there

no more pictures

I don't see any picture with the ads. Do I do something wrong?


can you tell me how I can get the pictures? Do not see them since the new lay out

dema's picture

já não consigo, ver os classificados com as imagens!

Dear ebeira team!

RE: Já não consigo, ver os classificados com as imagens!

I love your site, and I've done a lot of knowledge trough it.
But quality b aixou, with upgrate last of it.

If I want to open any ad on your page, I can not see the ads images, why?
Will be I have to follow an upgrade or anything else, to see again published pictures in the ads? Or is now generally not possible to see it now on your new Website?


Awaiting your response. THANK YOU!


Alvaro Matos

Tel.: 933318642

Remove ads.

How can I remove and adjust ads?



I allready asked you before, but never got an answer:

how can I see the pictures with the ads?!!



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Make a new add.

Hello Ebeira, I got an email from you saying that the add had been deleted, so now i want to try and find it and put it back on, the problem is i have logged in to ebeira and now cant do anything, the only options i have are, My account, language change, or log out. and i cant see any options to see adds or make adds or upload new add or even a search bar to search for other adds.... what can i do ?

My new email address


I have had to change our email address from fsmail to Gmail.com---------- I have forgotten my password so cannot change it, so I request a new password so that I can change my email address--------BUT the password will not get to me at our OLD email address--------BUT I need the new password sent to my NEW email address sundowners5er@gmail.com.  

Thank you for your help

Nigel Walker