Can I put a recurring/repeating event on the calendar?

Yes, you can easily put an event on the calendar that repeats weekly or monthly. Just choose "Add a Repeating Event" on the Event page.Your event will automatically appear on the calendar at whatever interval you choose and for the number of times you choose.

However, you should be aware that a recurring/repeating event does not get sent out in the E-Beira Weekly Newsletter. If this is important to you (and the newsletter is a very good way of reaching lots of people), then you might want to reconsider how you post your events.

For example, instead of posting a repeating event, you might consider adding a new (non-repeating) event every month (or week). This is a little more work, but it ensures you reach our email audience of over a thousand people. There is a "Clone content" link at the top of the event edit page that can help with this; click it get an exact copy of the event description. (You will need to set the new date AND change the title to something suitable.)

In the case of a regular class, you could put the first one on the calendar as a single event (so as to get publicity when you start up), and then put a repeating event for the subsequent classes.