Deleting Ads from E-Beira

You may need to delete your ad from E-Beira. Deleting is good practice if you have already sold an item, for example, so as to avoid disappointing other users and stop the flow of emails from people who are interested.

To delete an ad, you must be logged in (using the same login details as you used to post the ad). Once logged in, find your ad. You can do this either in the normal category lists or by going to My Account and clicking on View Ads.

Click on the ad you want to delete. Above the ad (under the Facebook and other icons) there's an Update link. Click this to open a screen where you can edit your ad. Scroll down to the bottom and, next to Save, there's a Delete link. Click it.

There's then a confirmation step, so click Delete again (this time at the top of the ad) and it will be gone. You cannot reverse this – it's final!