Donate to E-Beira

E-Beira has always been a free service. I have put time into building and running the site, as have a number of other local people (especially Kin). In the early days, I paid the hosting fees and other costs myself. Now, though, with more people registering on the site and finding it useful, I think it should be able to stand on its own feet. E-Beira needs to generate some revenue in order to cover running costs.

At this moment, the only income is from donations by kind users.

So if E-Beira has helped you in any way, please consider helping us in return. Did you find the perfect vehicle on E-Beira? Or a buyer for your own car? Perhaps our website has brought business to your company or helped you find work? A small donation of €5-10 from everyone who has benefited from this service would go a long way....

You can donate using any credit/debit card using the Paypal button below. You don't need a Paypal account (see "Don't have a Paypal account?" at bottom left of the Paypal page that appears when you click the button).

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Thank you, and thanks for using E-Beira!


(E-Beira Administrator)