How do I extend my classified ad?

E-Beira classified ads expire after a certain period (currently 30 days for most categories). When an ad is close to expiry, you can renew it for another 30 days. You can also do this up to 14 days after an ad expires (after which it is deleted from our system). Unfortunately, limitations of the software we are using mean that the process is not completely intuitive. But if you follow these instructions you should be fine.


First, make sure you are logged in. You must be logged in using the same account as you used to create the ad originally.

On the home page, click on My Account. Get a list of your ads under either "View Ads" or "Expiring and Expired Ads".

Click on the title of an ad in the list to open it.

At the top (under the social media buttons) you should see "View" and "Update" Click on "Update". This will open the ad for editing.

Under the ad title, you'll see the link "Classified Ad Expiration". Click to expand it.

The choices are a bit ambiguous. You want to choose "Renew (an expiring ad) or use the default expiration date (for a new ad)".

You can also make any other desired changes to the ad.

Now it is important to scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Save".

Your ad should now be renewed for a futher 30 days.