Roupas Poupas - hairdresser - vegan cakes - summer clothes - 

Roupas Poupas open 10/09 - hairdresser - vegan cakes - summer clothes - 
We will be open again on the 10thth of September from 10 to 5 with summer clothes!

Hairdresser Elisabeth Annicaert will be there to cut your hair between 11 and 4. Please send me a PM on Facebook OR a message (number below) as it is only by appointment. There is place for 10 people. Costs men €8 women €10.

Alli will be baking some delicious vegan cakes and we will offer tea like usual.

Location: Dreia, coming from Coja the last house of the village on the left with a big garage. (Rua Principal 563 Dreia)

You can also bring your good quality give-away clothes. Per bag (size shopper or binbag) you get €5- to spend at the shop. 

Hope to see you there ♥

If you wish to come another time or have any questions don't hesitate to call/message/Whatsapp me:
924 048 433
Lotte Kauffman

Quinta, Setembro 10, 2020 -
10:00 to 17:00