Retrato de leen.hiking

River adventure / Walk Sumo de Caniça Lapa Dos Dinheiros

friends ,

Every month  we will make a walk

in the Serras of central Portugal.

The choice for 24 Sept is River Adventure / walk .

Whit swimming If not to cold and focus on enjoying the blessings

of this marvalous spot.

We will meet at lidl Oliveira do Hospital. 10.15h.

Let me know if you come so we do not leave you behind.
Or if you need a ride or if you can give a lift to others.

Bring lunch.

Depending on the weather ,

wind jacket and sun head.

And good hiking footwear.

In the river I prefer wlking barefoot. 

The rocks are smoot.

swim suite if you like to swim in a beautiful cold river.


This time the meating point is 

at Lidl in Oliveira do Hospital

we leave there at 10.15

We will make the walk 
and enjoy the company of other walkers.


Min 4 people.

Let me know if you are coming

and how many more people fits in your car

from a  meeting place .
or if you need transportation.

We always walk the pace of the slowest.

Quinta, Outubro 1, 2020 -
09:15 to 15:00