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Easy walk at the Vale do Rossim

Due to bad weather I had to pospone this event . Let me lnow when it fits you so I can set a date.

We will meet and leave at Lidl Oliveira do Hospital 10.15 am

or Vale do Rossim 11.15 am

Bring wind jacket, sun hat and good hiking shoes,or walk barefoot


We can take one of worlds best waters in beginning of walk at the spring of Vale do Rossim.

We start the walk at 11.15 the vale do rossim.

Than we will make a circular walk.

Let me know if you come so we do not leave you behind.
Or if you need a ride or if you still have room in the car.

Leave me your contact in a personal message .

Quinta, Novembro 12, 2020 -
10:15 to 16:00