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Art of Foraging Wild Food, Benfeita

This one-day workshop is for anyone who would like to get closer to Nature and learn to eat from the everyday plants and weeds that grow around them. Gathering your food from the wild is called ‘foraging’ and the way I forage is with a deep respect and reverence for the Natural world. This is not a workshop that will teach you that ‘Nature is a Supermarket’ but rather one that will start you on a lifelong journey into real relationship with plants, fungi and all the beings that support them.

The day will be experiential and we will take time to meet the plants slow down to ‘plant’ time so we can really begin to know them. We will use all of our senses as we dive into their green world.

The day will also be practical with a lot of time given to identifying, collecting and tasting the different plants until you are confident to start foraging at home. We will also discuss the many benefits of foraging and of nutritional content of the individual plants. Wild food is many times more nutritious than most of the food we buy.

From the workshop you will:

  • Become skilled at identifying some common edible wild plants you can find in your area
  • Understand the importance of learning the growing habits and timings of these useful ‘weeds’
  • Discover how to eat these common wild plants raw and cooked
  • Uncover the deep connection between yourself and the natural world
  • Discover the benefits of bringing wild plants into your garden and kitchen
  • Learn some medicinal properties of familiar weeds
  • Discover teas you can make from common plants
  • Take home full colour handouts of the most common plants
  • Enjoy a simple, delicious vegetarian lunch with some of the plants we will find ourselves.


The workshop will be in English and is held in Quinta da Mizarela, Benfeita, 3305-031. I will send you directions when you book your place.

The day will start at 10.30 and finish around 5pm.

The cost for the day is €45 which includes a simple and delicious vegetarian lunch and digital handouts.

To ensure the best learning environment places are strictly limited and the workshops do sell out so reserve your place early!

For more information or to inscribe please email me - Laura Williams -

Domingo, Novembro 22, 2020 -
10:30 to 17:00