Aikido / Aiki Jutsu

We hold Aikido and Aiki Jujtsu sessions every Saturday 11.00am till 1.00pm and Wednesday evening  6.00pm till 8.00pm at the Liga in Santa Ovaia.

These two martial arts are based on the principle of controlling an attacker with technique as opposed to brute force or agression. They are very effective for people who by nature are not aggressive.. as such are not typical of most martial arts.

We have a mixed  group of  participants.. the youngest being 6 the eldest 73 years old, both sexes and different nationalities including, Portuguese, English, Dutch and Belgian.

We welcome all levels of ability.

The sessions are free, although we make a small contribution to the Liga each month

For further information call Chris on 910070021

Quarta, Junho 6, 2018 - 13:45