Healthy Technology Workshop How to avoid damaging microwave radiation from mobile phones, wifi-routers ++

A practical workshop, with Ariel, who has 25 years of research and personal experience on the damaging effects of Emf and Wireless technology, on body and mind, with tips and solutions on how to live a active, connected life, without being affected by electric emf radiation and microwaves from wireless devices. .

Workshop themes:

.What  EMF and wireless microwave radiation is, and where it is used. .

.Symptoms on mind and body of exposure to wireless microwave radiation

. Healthy radiation free solutions for mobile phones, internet routers, mobile internet routers, landlines, baby monitors, gps.

. How to use mobile phones in the most healthy way, to minimise radiation.

. Negative effects of Bluelight from screens, Electric&Magnetic EMF radiation from electrical devices, and how to protect your self.

. Mobile phone/Internet/Social Media Addiction, what it is and how to avoid it.

. Protection tools against microwave radiation

. Natural Medicine and Herbs to Detox the body from microwave radiation and nuclear radiation.

Workshop held in english with portugese translation.

Bring notebook and pen

Time : December 9., 5pm to 8 pm

Place: Casa Bela Vista, Rua da Redoica, 3200-338 Serpins

GPS : 40.169343,-8.218593

Contact Ariel :

Free donation

Sunday, December 9, 2018 -
17:00 to 20:00