Five Rhythms Workshop + Dance

Five Rhythms workshop/activity session at the old school in Vila do Mato. (Click on the link for a Google map.) 

This is a session we hold occasionally before our regular dance (which starts at 20:00). The aim is to go a bit more deeply into the five rhythms, and to play around with rhythm, interaction, and the group energy. Anyone is welcome. The session will last an hour or so and will be followed – after a short break – by our regular hour of dance.

Five rhythms, or wave dance, is a free-form dance cycle moving through five different rhythms – a method developed by Gabrielle Roth that encourages anyone to express themselves in movement. The weekly dance session lasts about an hour and a half (including warmup time). Come along (no experience required) to let your inner dancer loose in a big space with a good floor. After many years of dancing at Kapingbdi (which closed a while back), we now have this new permanent home.

There is a small fee for each session. The one or two euros we pay goes toward the cost of renting the room. (The charge varies depending on the balance between number of dancers coming regularly and the rent we have to pay.)

We have a good location for dancing. It has a wooden floor, is secluded, and is near cafe Finata (for food and drinks afterwards). During the winter it is a little cold (until the dance gets going!) so bring enough layered clothing to keep yourself warm.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019 - 18:30