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Meditative two day walk in the Serra da Estrela

We are going to feel the magic of nature in a meditative walk.
Maximum 6 people
This will be about calmness in and out site .
Meditate in the "Sosegado " of the Serra.
Sleep under the stars. they will be bride as it is nearly new moon.
See the sunset.
Enjoy the sunrise.
Swim in the lakes if the temperature let us .
Leave the busy world behind for two day´s.
eat only the necessary.
Drink the natural water from one of best springs in the world.

We start at Lagoa comprida .And eat lunch that you bring at a lake.
We could eat a warm meal in Vale do Rossim ( you pay for this your self.) in the late afternoon.
You carry your own drinks food and sleeping back and sleeping pad.
Sleeping bag needs to be warm.
Comfortable warm clothes to sleep in.
In morning we eat or own breakfast could be nuts and dried fruits.
We can fill up or (glass) Bottle at a font in late afternoon and evening at a font and next morning at the little river. I will take two halve liter bottles .
Most people prefer hiking boots .I will walk partly bare feet.
More info :
sent message.
Or mail me leen.hiking@yahoo.com
phone 960 177 636
Suggested donation .20 €

Take food for luch, breakfast and lunch again.

I will take dried fruit and nuts for my food.


Friday, June 28, 2019 - 09:15 to Saturday, June 29, 2019 - 20:00