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A high-quality Ukraine-UK co-production of contemporary cross-genre theatre about "roots of conflict" created in Góis with an international cast & crew. It will be presented at the largest international theatre festival in the world - Edinburgh Fringe in August 2019, UK.
Based in real life stories and images from the war in Ukraine, it uses theatrical languages such as ensemble work, object manipulation, live music, looping sound system, projections, acrobatics, mime, dance, mask, physical theatre and verbal communication in different languages.


Created by Lana Biba (2theatre), Txema Perez (2theatre) | Directed by Kristin Indahl Images Eugene Stepanenko (realizador do documentário “Debaltseve”) e Oles Kromplias (fotórgrafo e soldado ucraniâno) With Daniil Timofeev, Dmitriy Stoyan, Semjon Kislyj, Kostiantyn Prybylovsyi, Lana Biba, Txema Perez e Alessandro Giovanetto Production assistant Lula Calvo e Jaime R. Garcia Supported by Ministério da Cultura da Ucrânia, Consulado da Ucrânia em Edimburgo, British Council, Cultural Bridges e Município de Góis.

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Domingo, Março 24, 2019 - 18:30