Be Clean&Natural Workshop - Quinta Kania

Feel invited to grasp a new knowledge on the way to sustainable life!

During the workshop we will present you an introduction about soap and shampoo making, as well as washing powder and other cleaning detergents every house need to stay clean. You will get to know all the ingredients, tools and all the process of making it.
You will be convinced, as much as we are, that creating your own products is definitively more ecological and sustainable (even if you are buying bio products). But what's more important, it's easy, fun and gives you an opportunity to stay creative. Self-made soap is also very personalized. You can give it your favorite smell or special oils your skin loves the most...

We will also share the knowledge about medicinal herbs growing in portuguese gardens or wild, showing how can we use them in every day life. By adding them to the soaps, brewing in a tea, creating a herbal mouthwash, tincture or hanging with clothes - there are endless possibilities!

By the end optionally, if anybody feels like staying longer, we will offer a relaxation moment with the green clay mask for face. It is suitable for every skin, completely natural and spectacular in effects!

Workshop starts 4 p.m. on Saturday, 6th of July in Quinta Kania farm, Vila do Mato.

It will take around 3 hours.
We are asking you to bring a jar or bottle, where you can take your washing-up liquid with you. Also some paper or towel for the bar of soap.


Her passion for natural cleaning products developed from years of experience in houskeeping, eco-cleaning and organizing workshops on that subject. Living in a big city as a nature lover gives her an opportunity to change the stereotypes, that to make something clean, we have to work with chemicals...
Apart from that she is a theatrologist and mum of two years-old crazy girl. Both of them are extremely loaded with enthusiasm and energy...

She had lived a nomadic lifestyle for years, trying find a way to be always with nature, but not excluded from people. On her way she met a man, they fell in love and decided to create a permaculture farm, where people are welcome to learn and enjoy the abundance.
Her passion for ancient knowledge about medicinal herbs gives her a base for creativity. She loves to find a way, how plants can be helpful to people's bodies and minds.

Price: 20€

Please, write us an email to sign up, the space is limited:

Sábado, Julho 6, 2019 -
16:00 to 19:00