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Unifant Festival- Travancinha, PT Aug 2-5th, 2019

Unifant is the place where artists can get together, play together, create, make new connections. A place where artists can play just because they love playing!
Come and join! Whether you come as guest, crew or artist, we are all united! Visit the web page for the list of artists. It is more than music, also workshops and lots of things for kids.

Unifant is a small scale festival, focused on togetherness and friendship. Therefore we have only 200 tickets available for Unifant 2019.


Unifant opens the gates Friday at 15.00h and closes Monday at 11.00h​

Portugese residents can join Unifant with a 50% discount!

Please fill out the "order your ticket" form and fil in your NIF.​

Children under the age of 13 years enjoy Unifant for free.

Tickets for Unifant are sold in 3 fases:

Fase 1

(Until 30 April '19)






Fase 2

(1May '19 - 1Aug '19)






Note: During the festival camping is only included in the 3-day ticketprice. If you like to stay longer or come before the festival, you need to make a reservation!


By purchasing a Unifant ticket, you will help serve the following purposes:

  • Contributing to accommodate the artists.

  • Helping to build compost toilets and other sanitation for our guests.

  • Building the decoration, stage, chaitent,... (making Companhia an even more beautiful place than it already is)

  • Renting the materials needed to organise this amazing event

  • Supporting the continous growth of Companhia and the spreading of its ecological altruistic vision. You will give more and more people the chance to experience its beauty!

Sexta, Agosto 2, 2019 - 15:15 to Segunda, Agosto 5, 2019 - 09:15