Let's build a wooden geodome!

We are happy to invite you for an exciting hands-on geodome adventure! We will give you a short overview on geodomes in general as a bionic structure. Later you will have opportunity to be part of the actual building process. We will create a complete 3-dimensional geodome together, since there is no better way of learning by doing.

You will also learn, that those breathtaking structures are actually possible to design and build by everybody in a very short time.


There are unlimited possibilities for using a geodome structure. It can be made as a greenhouse, chillout space, chicken coop, kitchen or – a proper house for living.

Geodomes are mostly known as metal structures, but there are several techniques to create them out of wood. As materials we will use local pine, recycled pvc pipes and screws.

You don't need any skills, beginners are welcome. We will show you:

how to design it

where to get the materials from

few different techniques of making it

and that building is fun ; )


Where: Quinta Kania, Vila do Mato

When: 18th August, 10 a.m.

Price: 20 euro


Please, write us an email to register, the space is limited.



Domingo, Agosto 18, 2019 -
10:00 to 16:00