Introduction to Medicinal Plants

Welcome on the endless journey to the world of Medicinal Plants! Science documented around 50.000 plants that have been used in medicine and all of them synthesise hundreds of chemical compounds to function in a special way for us. Our goal is not to know all of them but to take a closer look into few of them, which we can use safely. Mother Nature is so generous, that it not only creates aboundance of food around us, it also gives us remedies for potential diseases or damages in our bodies. Good way of being grateful for that is to learn about it and apply this knowledge to our lifes.

During the One Day Introduction Workshop I will present you some plants that I found most useful to myself. I will explain what do they need to grow happily, when and how to harvest them, eventially what kind of products we can turn them into. We will learn what plants prefer to be drunk in infusion and which ones are better in tinctures; how to make our own oil and water macerates, creams, essential oils and soaps. Also we will try to break into the magic and figure out what exactly makes them so good for us; what do they need to contain to heal us and how do they react with water, oils and alcohol. We will also learn about herbs that work specially well in woman's cicles, supporting every phase of it. Additionally as an inspiration, we will grasp some ancient stories about witches and shamans that had very deep relationships with plants for centuries all over the world.

You will take home printed pdf with the most important notes, a receipe for your own herbal cream and a surprise – my favourite medicinal plant in a little pot. Lunch made from our organic vegetables will be included as a delicious break.


Where: Quinta Kania in Vila do Mato

When: 28th September 11.00 - 16.00

Price (lunch included): 25€ or bring a friend 20€ each

Please sign up via email, the space is limited:

Saturday, September 28, 2019 -
11:00 to 16:00