Focusing group weekly meeting (Tabua)

Thursday 26.9 19:00-20:30 in Tabua.

The meetings are free. If it is your first time focusing it is ok. 

It is somewhat similar to meditation, in the begining. Every meeting you will choose something in your life that you want to look into and understand, solve, or decide. 

The facilitating will be in English.You can focus on your preferred language, if there is someone else who speaks the language so he can be your listener.



Psychologists have discovered that mental healing depends on our (natural or learned) ability to focus: to connect with ourselves deeply and understand who we are, why do we feel what we feel, what do we need in our life and how to get it. It is rhe natural and effective way to be with feelings and deal with everyday emotional chalenges.


Please let me know if you want yo come to the meeting and i will give you the wxact location in Tabua. 
Tel/whatsup +33666975973

Quinta, Setembro 26, 2019 -
19:00 to 20:30