Composting Workshop - All we need is healthy soil

We are excited to offer a new Workshop about composting and soil quality. The subject is very close to our heart, daily life and stomachs, because the better the soil, the tastier our food from the gardens will be ; )

Soil is the heart of all life on this planet. It is where all the beings origin from and also where they all eventually return to. When grabbing a handful of soil in our hands, we are holding thousands of microorganisms in it. All of which play a huge role in our lives. It is specially important to understand this now, in a time where big parts of the Earth are already changed by humans. Soil is perceived by the majority of people as dirt, which is neither healthy nor clean to work with. Well, nothing is more wrong than that...

During the workshop we will focus on understanding what soil is - what it consists of. We will explain what lives inside it and how we can improve its quality for gardening.
We will also together create a big compost heap for a very different and interesting use - heating up water for a nice hot shower.

Tasty lunch provided by us is included in the price.
We also have some inspiring movies on the subject that we would love to share with everyone, who brings a USB stick.

Where: Quinta Kania, Vila do Mato
When: 7th December, Saturday, 11.00-15.00
Price: 25€ or bring a friend for 20€ each

Please, sign up via email, the space is limited:
Sábado, Dezembro 7, 2019 -
11:00 to 15:00