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Casual Friday morning Portuguese Coffee and Chat Session ☕

Join us every Friday morning at 11am at Cara Creek Eco Lodge in Fiais da Beira for a coffee and a chat, where you can meet new people, relax, and put your Portuguese skills to practice.

Many people find themselves with few opportunities to speak in Portuguese, which is what motivated us to create this conversational group session. More often than not, people make an effort to learn Portuguese, but then have nowhere where they can consistently put to practice all the things that they have learned or heard. In a group of like-minded people with the same goals and at different leves, individuals are usually more at ease and more able to step out of their comfort zone, which is why this type of language learning can be so beneficia and of course, fun! 

In a casual and relaxed setting with a coffee and a pastel de nata, different topics and activities are presented to the group, who is then encouraged to have a chat about the topic at hand, in Portuguese. 

All levels are welcome! 

There is a qualified, bilingual teacher, native in both Portuguese and English to mediate and to offer help and guidance during the session. 

The sessions have a duration of 90 minutes and cost 7€, which include coffee, tea and a pastel de nata! 

Due to the nature of this weekly event, we require that you sign up at least the day before. Walk-ins are more than welcome, but in this case we can't guarantee a pastel de nata!

We look forward to seeing you there!

To sign up or to find out more information, please call or text Sandy on +351 939 753 968.

Até lá!

Fantastic teacher that truly understands and can explain very well the intricacies of the Portuguese language. Love the conversation groups to help with my vocab and have some fun with the games that Sandy creates.” ~ Ashley 

I really enjoy the conversational Portuguese coffee morning with a lovely group of people. It’s always kept interesting and fun by Sandy. I’ve noticed a big improvement in my portuguese since consistently attending the conversation groups.” ~Rory

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